How can a Pergola be used in my garden?

Pergolas are ideal for growing rambling roses or climbers up. You can allow your plants to naturally evolve and flourish by lightly training them around the oak, making the planting look very effective whilst keeping them easily under control.

Corner Pergolas are a great way of providing the garden with a secluded area for sitting, relaxing or entertaining as well as creating a section of the garden which can be planted up with climbers and rambling roses to grow up the sides of the pergola, naturally, to create a cosy walkway.

Whilst pergolas are perfect for creating secluded areas with a sense of mystery and intrigue, they can also very easily hide or reduce the impact of an unsightly wall or fence too, which is another great use for your pergola.

By creating different viewpoints in your garden, you can enjoy your garden many times over from different standing or seating positions.

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