Rooftop Pergolas – for Bars, Restaurants and for Private Apartments

Rooftop Pergolas make great additions to your outside space for both privately owned homes and apartment blocks as well as commercial premises such as Hotels or Rooftop bars.

Pergolas have enabled clients in the hospitality and leisure industries to extend entertainment and dining areas outside in more than just the mildest of weathers, resulting in a larger seating and dining area, larger capacity for clientele and as a result can generate more revenue, on a relatively inexpensive scale.

Rooftop pergolas are ideal for creating bar or dining areas. They are sometimes used as effective smoking areas or VIP areas for bars and nightclubs.

Retractable Roof creates a buzzing atmosphere which can be opened or closed depending on the weather and ambience.

Unique environments can be created through customisable options, such as colour schemes, materials, roof opening type and acoustics. LED lighting and integrated heaters can be added for extra comfort and effect. Rooftop pergolas will make your venue stand out. Pergola on the Roof in London is best known for this and it is the Pergola which gives it’s identity!

Rooftop pergolas are also a very cost-effective for catering for clients as well as increasing restaurant or bar capacity.

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